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Patrick Keefe (left) won a gold medal nationally in 2015 for Telecommunications. Patrick was in Computer Systems, his teacher Mr. Eno (right).  

Patrick is now attending RIT in NY.

About Us

  The Golden Gate Bridge.  The Empire State Building.  The Space Shuttle.  The Internet.  These are the         accomplishments of America's skilled work force.  Today, the products of skilled workers create and   the services they provide touch all of our lives.  It takes real skill to build a house, to repair a car, to design a               computer or to provide   health care.  Career Technology and Education (CTE) along with SKillsUSA provide the   support needed to help students accomplish their dreams.

Who are our members?

  Our members have skills in: Computer Networking, Architectural Drafting, Automotive Service, Electrical, Robotics,   Computer Maintenance,   Technical Computer Applications, Carpentry, Technical Drafting, Health Occupations,     Welding, Cosmetology, Extemporaneous Speaking, Prepared Speech just to name a few.


  Fundraiser - Candy Sale - TBD

  Help raise to send Gold Medal winners to Nationals...

  See Mr. Eno in room 5211 for a box of candy and a copy of the rules for selling.

Chapter Officers - PA 

  Elijah Johnson - President            

  Kyle Eno - Vice-President    

  Chris Casimir - Vice-President    

  Nick Spanos - Secretary            

  Ryan Sheidow - Treasurer            

  Grace Gill - Reporter              

  Sky Eno - Parliamentarian
  Mike Lai - Webmaster

  Dusty Anderson - Social Media   



Chapter Leadership - PA

  Mike Eno - Adviser 

  Sara Eno - Assistant Adviser 

Pinkerton Academy State Champions (Gold Medalist)


  Who will be this years Gold medal winners?



  Patrick Keefe (Telecommunications) - Won a National Gold Medal

  Jake McKechnie (Internetworking)

  Wesley Lee (Technical Computer Applications)
  Liz Richardson (Prepared Speech)
  Mitch Anderson (Welding Sculpture)
  Steiger Brown (Power Engines)

  Tyler Smith (Technical Computer Applications) - Won a National Gold Medal

  Zach Orlando (Internetworking)
  Hunter Morris (Telecommunications)
  Liz Richardson (Prepared Speech)
  Rob (Cabinetry)


  Tyler Smith (Technical Computer Applications)

  Sam Davis (Internetworking)
  Jim Boutier (Information Systems Technology)
  Shawn Venti (Telecommunications)
  Steph Crepeau (Prepared Speech)  - Won a National Gold Medal

  Branden Clark (Internetworking) 

  Sam Davis (Information Systems Technology)
  Steph Crepeau (Prepared Speech)
  Brandon Johnston (Power Engines)
  Trevor (Electrical)

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